The Pizza

We make traditional Neapolitan pizzas – using ingredients sourced from in and around Naples. We spent two weeks training with some of the top pizzaolos in Campania – and we still think it is impossible to beat a proper Neapolitan Margherita. Here are some of the ingredients we use on our pizzas:

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 We only use top quality Italian plum tomatoes on our pizzas – a brand called Strianese. They have thin skins, which means they soak up all the sun to produce a really sweet tomato that’s full of flavour. Our pizza sauce is simply tomatoes crushed with a pinch of salt – simple and delicious.


CaputoFlour:  Our flour is shipped in from Naples. The Caputo Flour mill uses the finest wheat from around the world to grind a flour thats incredibly fine, high in all important gluten and perfect for Neapolitan pizza.




Fior Di LatteFior Di Latte: Every pizzeria worth its crust in Naples uses a cow’s milk mozzarella for their Margherita. Ours is flown in from Casserta and has that fresh milky flavour and a ‘stringiness’ that would make any pizzaiola happy.



Header-MozzarellaBuffalo mozzarella: Buffalo mozzarella on a pizza is quite an experience. It has a higher fat content than cows milk mozzarella which gives a much richer flavour but makes for a much ‘messier’ pizza! Buffalo mozzarella is all about freshness, so we get it shipped from Caserta (the home of mozzarella) twice a week – so it is as fresh as can be.



Parmigiano_reggiano_factoryParmesan: Each pizza gets a generous pinch of grated parmesan which adds a deep, savoury flavour.  We use genuine Parmigiano Reggiano and all the better for it.





Basil: All of our basil comes from Berwick St Market, just down the road from Pizza Pilgrims HQ. Berwick St. was where this all started for us and the fruit & veg boys on the market have always looked after us with great produce



Fior Di Latte

Nduja: Nduja has become our signature pizza over the last year and it’s not hard to see why. This spicy sausage from Calabria is made from the tastiest/fattiest parts of the pig, mixed with (a lot!) of chillis, before being smoked and cured. When you put it on a pizza it melts down and creates little pools of spicy joy. Ours comes in weekly from Calabriaand seems to get hotter everytime!



Olive oilOlive oil: We only use extra virgin olive oil on our pizzas which adds a pepperiness that we think makes all the difference.