Here are a few of our favourite things!


Forzawin (www.forzawin.com)

We started a roof top pizzeria with our friend Bash in the summer of 2012. It was a great success (and a lot of fun!). Bash has now taken Forza Win on full time and is now one of the most exciting pop-up dining set-ups in London, nay the world!

Edy PiroTerrone Coffee (www.terrone.co.uk)

Edy Piro provides all of our coffee, and he is certainly not short of passion. He roasts all his coffee in Italy in a traditional Vittoria roaster from the 1950’s. Hailing from just outside Naples, he is a good man to have onside, Neapolitan are almost as fanatical about coffee as they are pizza!

AperolsmallAperol (www,aperolspritzuk.co.uk)

The Aperol spritz is definitely our drink of the summer! You are only ever “3 parts prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, 1 part soda” away from living the dream!

birra-morettsmallBirra Moretti (www.birramoretti.com)

Pizza and beer is a match made in heaven and Birra Moretti is our favourite.

polpoPolpo (www.polpo.co.uk)

There are lot of places doing great Italian food in Soho, none better than Polpo. Undoubtedly the best meatballs this side of the Rialto bridge.

GELUPO_4_cnt_23jul10_pr_bGelupo (www.gelupo.com)

In our opinion the best Gelato in London. Also, If you do one thing more in your life, try the lemon and bergamot granita!

1comi Camisa (www.icamisa.co.uk)

A real slice (excuse the pun) of Italy in the heart of Soho. A great place for everything from fresh pasta to fennel sausages. Also, their cannoli are unrivaled!