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PIZZA PILGRIMS: Recipes from the Backstreet of Italy

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This book is the culmination of spending the past two years obsessing about pizza. We’ve tried every variety we can get our hands on, trained with the masters in Naples and have been working tirelessly to try and bake the perfect slice.

This book will show you everything you knead (excuse the pun!) to know, from making the perfect Margherita at home to building your own pizza oven in the garden!

Pizza aside, the book also includes our collection of recipes, tricks and tips that we picked up on the ‘Pilgrimage’. Our little van has a top speed of 30mph, which meant keeping off the motorways and sticking to the backroads – driving through all the little towns and villages that aren’t in the tourist guide!

We discovered some incredible dishes that don’t even travel out of the villages they’re cooked in, never mind make it back to London. So no Spaghetti Bolognese or Lasagne to be found here, just great authentic recipes that proper ‘ape-driving’ Italians eat!

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